About i-CIPEC

About i-CIPEC

The International Conference on Combustion, Incineration/Pyrolysis, Emission and Climate Change (i-CIPEC) is an important conference focusing on thermal engineering related research topics. The main target of this conference is building a platform for the scientists and engineers to share their research output and experience. i-CIPEC begin at Korea since 2000 and following seven conferences were successfully held in Jeju of Korea in 2002, in Hangzhou, China in 2004, in Kyoto, Japan in 2006, in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2008, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2010, back to Seoul, Korea in 2012 and Hangzhou, China in 2014, in Kyoto, Japan in 2016. More than 180 specialists from 14 countries have participated in the previous conference.Thailand is honored by the Scientific Committee of i-CIPEC to host the 10th i-CIPEC in Bangkok during 18-21th December, 2018.

History of i-CIPEC


This conference is aimed at providing an international forum for participants from academia, industry, and government agencies to report on research and development results, to interact, and to identify opportunities for cooperation in the fields of combustion, incineration, pyrolysis, emission control, and climate change. It will also include contributions on non-thermal treatment techniques (mechanical, biochemical, and chemical), thus closing the loop on the residues of all human activities. During this conference, you will have an opportunity to share your research experience with many international scientists and engineers.

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