Applicable Skills: Examples of Research and Innovation Students Can Participate.

Multi-terrain Rescue Robot

Wind Turbine for Thailand’s Low Wind Speed

30-kW Gas Turbine Entirely Designed and Built by Our Engineering Team

Formula-1 Student Race Car Locally Built and Competing with Other Universities

Numerical Simulations of Many Projects to Help Reduce Design Cost and Time

Waste Incineration for Green Energy

Jet Engine for Aircraft Propulsion

Steam Explosion for Palm Fibers, Thai Innovation 

CubeSat, A Pocket-sized Satellite by Thai Students (Currently in Space!)

Unmanned Submarine for Deep Sea Data Collection

High-pressure Water Cannon for Explosive Disposal


Armor Vests by Thai Researchers for Officers in Dangerous Areas

Medical Bed for Preventing Pressure Ulcers, Automatically Turning the Patient Periodically

Strong Structure from Recycled Cardboard Boxes That Can Be Stood on.